Our Process

How we work


You have made a decision to remodel your home and we are thrilled you have selected us to do the project.  We have designed our entire remodeling process with YOU in mind.  We will listen to you, outline the entire project with timelines and communicate with your throughout the entire process.  We understand how important this project is to you and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  Thanks for choosing us, you won’t be disappointed!


Contract Phase

1. Contract will describe the responsibility of both parties, the scope of work, timing and action, payment schedules and warranty.

2. Additionally, the process of change orders will be included, dispute resolution process will be discussed and agreed upon, and all permits will be included.


Pre-Construction Phase

Based on the size of your project, the following may incur:

1. Introduction of Project Mgr and Lead Carpenter

2.  Professional Remodeling drawings and/or blueprints will be discussed

3.  Discussions of on-site trash dumpster and portable toilet

4.  Introduction of licensed plumber, electrician and/or HVAC sub-contractors

5.  We will conduct a thorough walk-through meeting with all major sub-contractors and project leads to discuss the flow and timing of all work.



Execution Phase

1. We begin your project!

2. Communication with homeowners begins and lasts throughout the entire project

3. Inspections occur and outcomes are communicated with homeowners.


Completion Phase

1. Final inspections are completed

2. Walk-through with homeowners and contractors

3. Final payment is made

4.  Time to enjoy your new living space!