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Custom Basement Remodel

This basement remodeling project in a beautiful stately 40 year-old home nestled on large acreage was challenging due to the recurring flooding issues that the family endured through the years. In fact, along with asking us to correct these serious issues, the homeowner also wanted a complete remodel with a custom home theater area in a contemporary look and feel.

Due to the chronic flooding over the years, the lower third of the wall had water damage that was only revealed after removing the damaged sheetrock. It was also discovered that there were mold issues which needed to be addressed. Consequently, we needed to cut out the lower third of the wall studs and rebuild the walls. While this was something we did not expect, we nonetheless jumped to action and corrected the problems.

We determined that the existing sump pump and pit area was insufficient and was the root cause of the chronic flooding. We needed to quickly and efficiently address this issue by widening the pit area and upgrading the entire system. Another challenge we ran into was the existing electrical. The sump pump was not on a dedicated line so this critical problem was fixed. It was important to correct all of these fundamental issues prior to the remodel. The homeowner was relieved to finally not only have an answer to the flooding but a workable solution that will keep the basement dry for many years.

While we had never built a custom home theater room, we were excited for the challenge. Since the homeowner did not have a clear idea on what they wanted and what would accommodate their space, our design team went to work on ideas and came up with a custom design the family was thrilled with including a new ½ bath with a unique “up-flush” toilet.

Once the project became a reality, we continued adding additional features and details. The elevated reclining home theater seats with sconce lighting, huge projector screen, custom wet bar and ½ bath is now their family’s paradise!

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